Yet another server that bans without any proof of hacking.

Inferno Gaming. Admin: Ocaiden

No screenshots/video, no admin teleport, just the words of one kid pissed his group died.

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(User was banned for this post ("crap thread, missed the servers subforum. Don't bother making threads like this if you have no proof." - postal))

After raiding and gun fights. He kicks us and bans us. Should rename the server to Inferno Gaming|NO PVP ALLOWED|Admin abuse friendly. Just kick/banned a few more people. RAMPAGE :rock:

yep, banned me for absolutely no reason. Was playing the server to have fun legitly and got kicked by this guy for absolutely no reason. This is really sad that admins are this blind. Please do not play on this server because of the admin abuse.

if it’s not official, what are you going to about it?

just saying dont play on this server

Warn people not to play it. Derpie!


this server just lost 12+ players out of a usual 30-55 players

all because our group raided another, and some kid claimed ‘hacker’ on chat to the admin.
admin bans us all

SO…whoever does read this , we would advise you not to play on this server. let it disappear with its dumb admin.

Doing it by individual threads will warm maybe 10 at best before it dies into obscurity and people still join regardless

if we individually reported every admin abuse of almost any game we would literally have hundreds of pages of crap

would need a rating system built within the game and tested properly to prevent abuse by ratings + the owner

that or a megathread

besides, they’ll just continue banning people, until they ban so many people that they literally have shit on themselves. That and, others will still continue to join regardless, and they’ll see it’s crap, and leave, join the next. It’s how things work.

I asked for an explanation of why 12 of my people got banned. No proof of anything at all. We raped their group and they start complaining about hacking and crap. And as soon as I asked, ocaiden said “Molley, you are joining your friends”. And now I am banned. So, admin abuse and don’t go on that server :slight_smile:

That server may be shitty, but all you gotta do is rejoin another one.

That’s the risk you take when you join a server that someone else pays money to run: they get to run it how they see fit, fair or not.

Stop crying that you got banned. This doesn’t even warrant a forum thread. Go find another server to play on.

You’re bad reply didn’t need to eat up space in the internet world.

You are bad reply?


no, your bad reply.

you say we are crying because of the ban? no, we are warning others how bad the server is. we have already started new server, thanks for the concern though

HURRDUUR BAD REPLY IS BAD. Get off my nuts :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe. :slight_smile:

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There are something like 100-200 new servers every day. Do we really need this warning from you about them? Some people like that sort of server. Stop whining and stop clogging the forum with your tears please.


Or, find a server that doesn’t allow admin abuse, like ours!

You seem like the type that would abuse us for raiding you’re base lol