Yet i am still Kekless

all these top and still No pant’s

But i think these jackets and tops are great, Loving the recent stuff from Xavier.

Great job for a first post on a brand new subforum.

Ironic that the guy that shits up the deviantart appreciation station would say that. :v:

Dude, please stop…
I apologize for what I have done in the stupid thread…

Now please, stop trying to start a fight or something…

Doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a shit thread.

This thread is art.

Please forgive us oh lord, for breaking the 11th commandment; thou shalt not make bad first threads on subforums on Facepunch.


What with the dumbs?

Can you guys just leave me alone.

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I wasn’t being sarcastic

I’m not sure why this thread is getting so much flak, it’s not abnormal for people to post things from Trello or the devblogs.

Frankly, I think the new clothing options look awesome. It’ll be cool to have some customization.

sorry, seemed like you were. my schema was reinforced by other people’s recitement of your past behaviors in the deviantart appreciation thread.

we rated it dumb because it was fucking dumb

Because it’s the first thread of a new subforum.
And the thread is shit.

They added more color

Pretty. Needs more neon pink tho.

I banged my head on my desk just by reading this.

I just said I’m sorry.
Just stop… your making me upset

You probably shouldn’t be so vested in what others think of you, *especially *on internet forums. And I say that in the most sincere, friendly tone as possible, because seriously dude, you’ll give yourself an ulcer giving that many fucks.

how to stop being rated dumb 101

1.stop posting dumb shit

alternate mode for 100% guaranteed success: stop posting all together

It’s just ratings dude, not anything get all bent out of shape like a tumblr user that’s whining about triggers and hurt feelings.

The best advice I could give is to not give a shit and move on.

Here is the problem, I don’t know what is “dumb shit”.

I’m posting is what I consider worthy to post, not what others think…

This is why 13 year olds dont flourish here.