Yo, a little help here? (Frozen scout)

First try at editing, the ice on the scout needs improvement.




C&C appreciated.

That’s cool

He glows ? He god damn glows ?

yes, he’s very special

The posing on the medic’s left arm is a little weird, otherwise it’s nice.

The snow needs a bit more depth.

*Bonk! *Finally caught up to him.


Scout is glowing. :v:

Looks like the medic needs to chill out.

Man that was a little cold.
Horrible ice puns aside, this is pretty good for a first edit.

… Ok I can’t help myself…
Medic should just give him the *cold shoulder.
*He’s a *freeze-a-nature.
*Scout has a cold personality.
Seeing a Medic gives Scout chills.

I bet when the heavy came around he said “Oh! Mister scout! It’s so ICE to see you!”