Yo Just some Dethren Help

Hello. Im trying to add a image popup at the end of each round for the winning team im using blackvoids deathrun gamemode i have followed it to create this

i do not know why its not working i have added print statements so if anyone could see any small miss types or anything please report it here thanks.

for more info just tell me and also i’ll be on later to answer questions.

thats his game mode witch has example functions


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im not asking to be spoon fed i have already completed most of it just need some

Why would you begin the title with “Yo”? Didn’t even spell deathrun correctly.

i was trying to act cool lol

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ill fix it

Ok still need some help so Bump.

What happens when you run the code? Errors? Also couldn’t you just use net messages to create a panel and a timer which kills it?

Im not that good with the net library and also there were no errors in the beggining but nothing would pop up so i added in print statements and only the first print statement i added gets printed in console witch is

print( “Hello”, “Its the end of the round” )

If what’s in the if statements isn’t being run that would imply your if requirements aren’t being met :v:
Anyway your problem is probably that you’re calling team.GetName() on GAMEMODE.Winner. Just directly compare GAMEMODE.Winner with TEAM_RUN/TEAM_DEATH

I’m unfamiliar with deathrun. If the Round-Ended hook is server-side, you’ll need to network it. Here’s an example ( except it does it on InitialSpawn, simply change the hook to the round-ended hook, and network the winning team, use Broadcast( ) instead of Send( _p ), change the config to match your teams and materials for the teams, and time you want it to display ): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/vgui/display_something_on_initial_spawn_teams.lua.html