Yoda & Vader + Lightsabers from SC4

Link please?

You don’t start a thread asking for links. Search Garrysmod.org.

Also, next time post this in request. If this is a request.

this is unbelieveable, all i had to do is search in “facepunch yoda” on bing, or google. The first thing that came up was the page.

If i can. Search isn’t work. But i’ll already find it.

If it rings a bell, I said GOOGLE and BING, not facepunch search.

I’m sure both GOOGLE and BING work.

Actually if I could ask, Has anything been done to fix the handle on the Yoda one?
I never could get the damn thing to look right.

Or you can go to the release thread and look for “yoda” or anything from sciv instead of being a lazy ass. Not that hard to look for a simple thread. No need for the search tool or anything. All you need is a brain.

^ Fuck. I already find it!

Then why request it? And how was I supposed to know? No need to be an asshole.

You need read all comments.

I actually did read them, you never said you found it until I bumped the thread. You need to learn how to not be an asshole and actually read your own threads.

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If i can. Search isn't work. But i'll already find it. 


Oh sorry. I didn’t see it due to your horrible spelling and how you failed at making sense too.

Oh, but wait. There’s no post saying you found it a week ago. Please try not to make up lies. You’re really acting dumb.

haha, as we say: You’re too fat troll.

And your mad. Also you make no sense. I think you ment to say " As I say; You’re a fat troll." Please go back to school you make no sense at all.

That you are so dumb to not understand what I said exactly what i meant. In school? I have my disaccustomed there long ago and I have enough, but you have to go back to school, because you can not build a simple logic chain and to understand what I mean. I think we can assume that the conversation is over. You have not yet tired? Let’s not argue about it more? I’m already tired. Not my fault that some of the turnovers the Russian language, so difficult to translate, so you did not understand me.

That doesn’t make sense, if its anyone that needs to go to school, its you. You need to talk english properly. I see you know how to spell things right, but you need to use the words properly.

I just too lazy to translate it myself. I use google.