Hi i have some request i today found picture :


Video :

And i have small request can somebody upload this yoshi pack pls.I really dont know where i can found this pack.Please if you have this pack.PM me.

That looks like a really old, incompatible version of Gmod.

i know it very old.But easy is make file from garrysmod 9.0 working on garrysmod

Have to say i’ve never seen that pack and i’ve got most Nintendo model packs that there are or have been available.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got that pack somewhere… I’ll have to search through my old GMod files.

Name of this pack is yoshi pack.or Complete Yoshi pack or yoshi pack 3.And this is pack for garrysmod 9.0c but i make pack working with garrysmod.

Well, they are a bunch of models, so I can’t see why they wouldn’t work with the latest Garry’s Mod.

all models and materials yoshi pack.100% can work on garrysmod latest.But spawnlist old garrysmod not work.Make new spawn list for yoshi pack working with latest garrysmod take 4-5 minutes :smiley: