~!!! Yoshihito's Rust Survival Server !!!~

– [USWEST]PvP/Instacraft/Ltd. Sleepers/Rust++/

Direct Connect:

Seattle based server.

Check out our website for more information!

http://ffxifreak21.wix.com/yoshisurvival (domain changing soon)

Non-abusive admins, occasional airdrops, and starter kits to help newer players get established quicker. Advanced weapons, C4, and Kevlar drops are rare. During prime time hours we reach 40+ users on the server and will be upgrading the size soon. Check us out!

~ Yoshihito

Shameless bump.

We’re doing really well!

Looking for more players! Upgraded to 200 players and have had 50+ concurrent users so far.

Trying to get some people on the server. We’re using the Limited Sleepers mod now as well. That means your body remains in game for 10 minutes before it disappears. This prevents combat logging.

Anyways, people seem to be getting burnt out from a lack of content. To those who still play hardcore, come to my server. We rarely have hackers and when we do we ban quicker than most.

Check us out!