"You always told me to stay off the freeway... You said it was suicide..."

“Then let us hope I was wrong…”

Incredibly easy to guess Thread Music (if you want to get to the good part, skip to 2:15)

More Matrix shenanigans. After listening to Mona Lisa Overdrive (the thread music) a couple thousand times I decided to recreate the iconic car chase from the Matrix: Reloaded. Now I know it isn’t an exact duplication of one of the scenes (the agents were never firing from the top of their cars and the “Twins” had white suits not black, and shouldn’t have even been there) but that’s just technical bullshit.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out (although it is by far not my greatest work)


Also, I know that “Morpheus’s” glasses are tiny, I fucked them up x.x

Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!

Some unnacuracies:The twins (who are wearing white) were in a Cadillac Escalade (no model for that so it couldn’t be helped)
the agent never shot from the hood of the police car (well not that i remember off)
but other than that it’s awesome!

BTW:yes i know i can’t spell unnacuracy

Badass Matrix Picture you got there.
Youre the king of all editers!

I take it you didn’t actually read what I wrote.

(BTW, its inaccuracy, not unaccuracy :3:)


Who’s Al Editers? Do I know him?

I should assume so, seeing as I am his king and all…

Lol that was freakin funny.
Lold at this pretty damn hard!

yeah i hate reading…:frowning:
also thanks for the correction…my english isn’t perfect yet

God damn, very nice work V-man :3

Lol is that Louis and Zoey in the car? It looks like you put black dots over his eyes. But besides from that cool pic.

Yea like I said, I fucked up his glasses (he has those weird little round glasses, I just made them too weird and little x.x)

Pure awesome.

Whats with the rating… dumb… late…?

Glad to see you got your account back.

Good pic, as always. I’m always stumped for ideas, and it seems my pictures get no comments aside from “good” lol.

ahahaha louis is morpheus


red pills here!


also, i thought the guy standing on the car was supposed to be neo, male_09 bares uncanny resemblance when he wears sunglasses.

Holy shit I didn’t think about that xD

I only use male_09 for my agents because agents are supposed to just be clean shaven generic white men.

Although he does kinda look like Neo… just with less hair.

Nice always love your work man.

I saw this picture and I-



Thank you for that excessive information :eng99:

I’m eager to spot a flaw, but I simply can’t.


Where did you get the cars also?

Most of them are from Gmow, some are from a NFS: Most Wanted pack I found, and others are L4D vehicles.