You anyone be interested in participating in a Base Building Contest?

Greetings everyone! Jediaelthewise here with something a bit different.

I have gotten many friend requests on steam, subscribers on my youtube channel and comments from my build posts (see bottom of this post) around here. From all of those I had the idea to host a building contest of sorts.

I will work together with a server admin to have a creative type server for this event. The contest itself would have a number of rules to determine who wins, possibly a number of categories such as “most difficult to raid” (which would be tested by actually raiding it =P), “most innovative design”, etc.

I can be a judge and perhaps I will recruit other judges as well. Overall I think it would be a great opportunity for people to test designs and get really creative. Let me know what you guys think and I will draft up some contest rules and make it happen. I will document the winners and such too for reddit so we can all benefit from the designs and creativity of this community.

Quick example contest ruleset ideas:

Contest Example Ruleset #1 (Design Contest):
Each team is given 250 planks, 1000 metal fragments, a workbench and other basic supplies.
You have 30 minutes to design a base on a completely open flat area that takes the most time to infiltrate a loot room.
After 30 minutes the judges panel will raid the base.

Contest Example Ruleset #2 (Location Contest):
Predetermined resources limit given.
You may build anywhere on the map.
You have 30 minutes to build in your location.
Judges will raid the base after 30 minutes.

Contest Example Ruleset #3 (Speed Freshspawn Contest):
Predetermined resources
You will spawn fresh with the resource pack.
You have 20 minutes to build a base.
Judges will raid the base after 20 minutes.

Contest Example Ruleset #4 (Live Defense - Build+PVP Style Contest) - Suggestion based example
Predetermined resources and weapon set+ammo
You will have 30 minutes to build your base.
After 30 minutes, judges will assault and raid the base.
Winner will be who holds out the longest.

Contest Example Ruleset #5 (Megabuild Contest) - Suggestion based example
5 Stacks of Planks and/or Low Quality Metal
You will have 4 hours to build your base.
After 4 hours, judges will examine and raid the base.

Possible Winner Categories:
Longest to raid
Takes the most C4 to raid
Cheapest to build (suggested)
Quickest to build (suggested)
Most concealed (suggested)
“That Utter Bastard” Award - Most Frustrating (suggested)
Other suggestions?

Other contest categories/ideas:
Group/clan contest
Lone wolf contest
2-Man group contest
Wood only
Metal only
Different time trials (instacraft/1/2 craft/vanilla categories)

These are simply examples I thought up off the top of my head. If I get a server that I can do this on regularly, it can be an ongoing community contest with a community scoreboard that I can update regularly when someone beats a score. This would be hosted on a website with all contest info as well. Please leave me some feedback as far as if you’d be interested in participating in such a contest, ideas for rules and other things. Thank you.



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actually a great idea in my opinion. would be interesting to watch. also your base building tips are great. never thought of any of them.

Just wanted to add something out of context.

At some point, in one of your video about the 3x1 base design, you say that in order to go upstairs, people have to break the door and replace it, so they have to wait X minutes per floor (before they can put back their own doors) which would make a raid take hours.

If I break the doorway instead of the door, nothing prevents people from building a large storage box and barricade, at the very edge (where the doorway was) and to go up directly to destroy the next doorway, jump there and repeat till they go to the top. Also, there always is a way to go on top of your base but this is another story.

You are correct. Going this route however will cost additional C4. Theoretically with enough C4, any base is quicker and easier to raid. More often then not, people try to be conservative about using C4 so I think it is less likely they would use this trick unless they knew exactly where they wanted to break in. i never claim its unraidable, every thing is. Its simply in terms of how frustrating and time consuming it is to raid.

Great Idea, I’m in for that.

1 addition to i would like to add to all the examples is

Give storage boxes to the contestants, they can place them anywhere in the base. They then place their beloved ‘Rock’ inside one of them,

Time how long it takes the raiders to get into the base, get the rock and get back out.

I don’t get it.

Let’s say, you have a regular 3x1 base (with stairs facing each other, like in your base). Basically, if you go through every floor, it’s going to cost as much c4 as for your base. The only difference would be that with your base, they can decide to go up directly and skip some floors if they wanted to, instead of going through every doorwar.

When I’ve seen your video, I started to build starting bases like yours. It was very helpful. Then, i found out that it could be easily raided that way. The thing is, I stopped building after 3 floors and left the base. It hasn’t been raided yet! People think its just a fucked up base and don’t even want to try raiding it while it’s in the middle of next valley =).

Well then that’s all you need! haha As long as people aren’t raiding you or touching you, that’s all that matters in the end isn’t it?