You are a survivor...

Hello, and welcome to my interactive story. I have seen many in these forums, and they often have not much of a plot, at least some of them that /I’ve/ seen. I’ve been craving a good zombie story, and I figured many of you would also enjoy one, so here we go.

Brief Backstory:
The year is 2012, the year of the viral outbreak. After seeing what happened on the news, you quickly began to stock up on supplies. You’ve seen this type of stuff in movies. It’s best to be prepared. Living in New York, you had a job as a journalist at one of the major news companies. You are confused and don’t exactly understand what is happening until you go outside for a ride in your car. Taking it easy down the road, you look around to find people hastily gathering things, and pushing one another aside. Not to mention the streets packed with traffic. After two minutes of waiting to get moving, you decide to get out of the car. There is a man on the side of the street, casually putting things in a box. You walk up to him and begin a conversation. “H-Hey… What is going on?” The man doesn’t notice you at the moment, then he looks up, double-taking as he realizes you were talking to him.
“What do you mean? You haven’t heard?”, he replies, continuing with his business.
“Well I heard some bullshit story on the TV, but I mean-”
“That bullshit story is true. Have you seen them fuckers? They eat you alive, and then you turn into one of 'em.” You obviously think he’s fucking with you at first, but looking around, you see everyone panicked once more, and your face turns grim.
“What are we supposed to do? Can’t the military contain this or something?”, you ask, naively.
“They say they can, but to be honest, If those things are dead, I don’t think bullets will stop them too much.”, he replies, before taking his box, and walking off. You look around in confusion once more, and you start to walk down the road, when you see something in the alley-way. There is a man standing there, not doing anything. Just staring blankly. His silhouette sticks out as the light from behind him casts a shadow towards you. You approach him by two steps, and then the figure begins to walk towards you. You blink and take a step back, as the figure starts gaining speed, running in a disoriented stance.
“Woah, woah. What are you doing?”, you say in distress, backing up. You get no reply as the figure becomes closer. You notice his facial features are very gross in nature. The man flails his arms towards you, as you crouch just in time. You push him away, terrified, as you start to run off.

October 8th, 2014
Two years have passed since the first outbreak, and you have been travelling alongside the outskirts of New York.

Not many survivors have been seen, but those you have seen don’t seem very friendly. Your instincts tell you to avoid large groups of people, as they may be looters. As the day grows older, and the sun starts to fall, you start to hasten your scavenging. Heading down the street, you notice a small stairway leading to a door in an alleyway. A decomposing body is propped up against the wall next to the door. The stench is horrible, and there are mottles and puddles of blood around the body. You back away from it, holding your nose.

Continuing on, you enter a nearby general store with your axe ready. Instinct tells you to keep an eye to your corners. After searching the room for any movement, you start scanning the shelves for any remaining food or supplies. Not finding anything, you head back down the aisle towards the door, and you notice a flashlight hiding in the shadow underneath the top shelf. Leaning down, you take it happily. After all, a flashlight is just what you have been looking for, as your old one has run out of batteries.

You walk outside, and it seems the light has grown darker, you hurry down the road, avoiding any zombies in the area. Most buildings you come by are warehouses, and don’t provide a good sleeping space. You reach the corner of a street, and notice a two-story house. You enter it, and check the area. Pictures of the previous occupants family hang on the wall, and the place itself seems empty. You gather some wood from outside and in the basement, and begin to board up the windows with the hammer and low supply of nails you have in your backpack. After a half-hour of hammering up fortifications, you become very tired. You take off your gear, and rest it on the desk across the room from the bed, before laying down.

Hours pass…

Sounds of moaning and coughing begin to erupt around the house. As it grows louder, your eye suddenly opens. You are paralyzed for the moment, taking in the sounds, wondering if they are real or fake. You emerge from your bed to peek outside the boarded window.

You see shambling undead approaching your fortifications, and the numbers start to grow. Your heart starts to race, and you take a few moments to assess what is happening. You notice that the lights are still on, and you sigh with disappointment. After finishing your work on the fortifications, you forgot to turn off the lights. They seem to be attracted to light, and noise. Sounds of boards being ripped and the pounding of metal start to occur, and you grab your bag off of the table, and your flashlight.

Backpack Contents:
1x Hammer
2x Can of Beans
1x Large Roll of Bandages
3x Painkillers
1x Cell-Phone (32% Battery. No Signal.)

Your heart continues to race, as you realize you must make a choice.

Retreat up the stairs to the roof, or proceed to the basement. Either way is in an effort to escape the flesh eaters.

Escape fortified generic zombie storyline and dance.

If you don’t want to be a part of it, then don’t post. Simple.

That’s not the only part of the storyline. The readers decisions will effect if he lives longer or dies sooner. you really must be that pessimistic, since you have to post the same bullshit people post whenever there is an interactive story. You didn’t even say anything constructive that could improve this. It’s supposed to simulate real-life choices. Gives a sense of realism. It’s supposed to be fun.

If you’re gonna go to all this trouble to make a plot for an interactive comic that, undoubtedly, everyone will try to ruin. Why not just make it NON-interactive and save yourself so much grief.

Nah, I’ll continue it if anyone posts something realistic, and actually wants to be involved in it. If not, I guess this thread will die along with the others. So much for trying to be a part of the “community” rather than lurking.

Go to the basement. There might be a way into some sort of sewage system, or even into another building. If you go to the roof, you’re cornered unless there’s a helicopter.

So yea. Basement.

Fight your way out! Leave none alive, or dead, or whatever, just go down there and kill them to teeny tiny pieces!

…Oh that’s not an option? Well then… I guess you could go to the roof. Maybe jump your way across the rooftops. Unless these zombies were Olympic athletes before they turned you should be good.

5 votes will determine what happens, unless there is already majority.

This sounds cool.

My vote: Upstairs

Basement is a classic mistake, chances are there isn’t sewage access and only storage space, retreat upstairs and either do your best to block the staircase and I mean BLOCK IT GOOD SON, or destroy it.

this looks good. i like it when these interactive stories go on for a long time because it’s sort of like a novel for retards (with the pictures i mean). and when they’re good i enjoy reading/looking at the pics. this one is looking quite snazzy.

as for the story, i think he should head up to the roof. by the looks of things i’d say he could probably get across to another building and go down from there. in the basement he’d be trapped.

Rooftop is the winner. This post will be edited soon with the new portion of the story.

Make separate posts.

I guess so.

It looks good, but if you can make comics this good, why not make a good comic about something original, as opposed to ANOTHER FUCKING ZOMBIE COMIC

You quickly head for the roof, seeing as it is the safest way out. You approach the door, and shine your flashlight as you open it.

As you open it further, you notice a decomposing corpse laying on the edge of the roof. It starts to fill the air with a foul stench.

Ignoring it, you hurry to the other side of the roof to check if the zombies have broken through.

Your heart beats much faster than before due to seeing most of the wood scattered across the ground in pieces. You hurry towards the door, and shut it, before quickly thinking on what to do next. There is no way down from this building, but there is another rooftop. The distance looks roughly 10ft. and is higher than the building before you. You open the door slightly, and look to the stairs. They are creaky and old, and could be easily chopped away with the axe. Though if the zombies get through faster than you think, it could end fatally.

Option 1: Attempt to destroy the stairs with the axe in order to stop the flesh eaters from getting to you, Or going back to the 2nd floor for objects to barricade the stairs. If the zombies get through faster than you think, it could end fatally.

Option 2: Attempt to jump the long distance to reach the other rooftop. If this fails, You are at risk of injuring limbs.

Feel Free to vote your own options as long as they are realistic, otherwise they will not be considered as a vote.

PS: Last image is a bit Eye-Kill. It’s just showing the distance between the two roof-tops.

My next one will be something original. Promise. This is actually my first comic using poses, and I’ve been wanting to do something productive with the subject of zombies. At least I didn’t give him an M60 or some bullshit.

Option 1, destroy the stairs. It’s also advisable that you decapitate the corpse with your axe and push it off the roof and onto the ground below. Maybe the zombies will go for it.

Destroy the stairs but leave jump-able gaps so you can go up and down if needed. (Also its a nice idea which ive seen before in the zombie survival guide book.)