You are dead. 60 seconds to respawn.

It’s a black screen with a timer, anyone know whats doing that?

Maybe give us more details? Are you looking for it? Are you seeing it unintentionally?

Sorry about that, happens every time a player dies. Also at random times it said that i killed myself with a suicide trick although im standing still.

Would it be a addon? All my addons dont have nothing to do with death, so idk.

it’d help if we knew what the addons were + game mode

there are no details at all

Got over 25 addons, and its for DarkRP

you still haven’t told us what the addons were, though?

use snipping tool and upload a readable image of the whole list

Just reinstalled garrysmod + cstrike + darkrp.

Wont all fit in a pic and what happens is i lose hp about 10 per 2 minutes, then when i die it saids i killed myself with a suicide trick, but i wasn’t doing anything.

The only thing i have in my addons for testing is a f4 menu(clean)

EDIT: Fixed the blackscreen with timer, must have been a addon, but the problem with losing hp every 9 seconds still happens
EDIT2:FIXED: Forgot to disable hungermod from a couple of days ago, lmao

EDIT3: The black screen thingy is not fixed, ill inc a picture to give you a guys a better view. Ive been marking down the addons ive been adding every 4 addons. Iremoved the last 4 addons that gave me the black screen thingy but its still happening.

Blackscreen with timer:
List of addons :