You Are Going Insane

I’ve always wanted to make an interactive comic, so I guess this is it until (if) I come up with a better one.

I know it may seem a bit crap at the beginning, but I intend to deliver something interesting. Plus I have lots of spare time and nothing better to do, so I can guarantee it won’t die any time soon (unless of course you guys want it to, I don’t want to shit up the section). Sorry if I’ve made some huge, incredibly stupid mistake in attempting to make this thread, as I always fear I have.

Well that title certainly wasn’t a spoiler.
Also, choices only make sense when there’s actual alternatives to choose from, while this question heavily implies you should investigate this floor. Just a friendly hint.

But sure, investigate this floor and make sure to be careful about what’s going on in the dead corners.

Pretty much the entire idea to begin with was that the protagonist was very very crazy, and obviously the story would be about that.

Blood! Bloody blood blood blood on the wall!

This is gonna die pretty soon

do it.

max payne

Not when you have no school, no job, no games, and nothing to do.

You must have a really exciting life.


Yeah, sure, look around

Leave and get some food at Denny’s