You are guilty for.... (Picture Heavy)

Hello, I am judge Whitie. And welcome to my court.

Get dizzy from the massive pictures! Now LEAVE!

I came at first, but all the excitement was gone when I saw the interior.

I was about to say the same thing (more or less)

Nice scale but a little bland.

nice hammer tho’

The gavel looks like it should be darker.

it’s as BBOOBBYY says :sun:

nice outside, bad inside

ill work on it.

i lol’d

Objection!!! That courts outsides are is misleading!!!

That gavel isn’t bad. Just apply that same level of detail to the walls and it’ll be great.

saw you build this, it’s nice. you should turn on your AA though

The insides are good?


Looks great, almost done the upgraded interior?

Yup. Finished, and pac,birki,keewee, and metro police, did rp! lululul