"You are honorable men, take me and let her go. She doesn't have to see it like this"


I think i am getting the hang of photoshop, this time i fully isolated all the major characters and worked on them that way. That made a huge difference on how it came out. I also experimented with trying to make things like the breath in the air etc. C&C is welcome, i think that the pose turned out alright. Tell me what you guys think and what i can improve for next time.

Comparison: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/4923

Good edit. The lighting’s a bit harsh for a forest, though.

holy shit those are some flexible arms

is he an alien shapeshifter that the russian government is after

You need to improve your posing. Any amount of editing wont make it better.

I really like how the dog and the dog handler man is posed. Nice job.

The girl’s face is less of a “Oh god there is people with guns” face and more of a “My plan is working” face.

Like she led him here to collect a bounty.

You probably should have used a different bodygroup for the dude’s shirt. Barring that, it is truly a great pose.

see, now my theory makes even more sense

Well, all the body groups had that same problem and i had no other good looking citizen-like models. Also, i feel as if he is about to cast some sort of spell whenever i look at the screenshot now.

Apart from the wacky arms, it’s pretty nice.

I really like the lighting on the AK slung over the one Russian’s back.