you are insiginificant flesh worm - Meeting with Shodan

Based it off a picture I saw a long time ago.


And in case anyone is interested in my meh editing here’s the psd

Holy shit

this rules.


haha this psd has the WORST management i’ve ever seen, and i’ve waded through tons of psds before to correct other people’s errors.

I tend to keep my psds really clean with groups and organized names n stuff

Yeah I’m seriously messy when it comes to this. Tend to throw stuff around depending on how I like it, sometimes delete what I don’t sometimes just hide it.
You get the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hate disorganization D:


Arr, ninjas.


Holy dang.

Hah, same here. I’m usually squinting at the thumnails to figure out which parts of the picture on what layers. And I never name anything.

I thought you’d be one to be organized, as good as you are

Seems like something that would be good for album cover art.

Very very nice. I don’t think I’ve ever named a layer in my life.

I’ve only ever named a layer when I get conscious about organizing. And I only group stuff when I have a shitton of stuff there.


This is really cool. Nice editing.

I usually name things but end up confusing myself. I’ll isolate a character and call him “fag” and then end up duplicating him and having extra fags and then isolate other fags and end up with so many fags I just don’t know what to do with them.

I never laughed this hard in my entire life

the picture is cool

Bravo. I am truely taken in by the awesome of this image

Holy titties this is awesome.