You are Jake.

Story line :

You are Jake, your wife was passed away a while ago with mysterious secret behind it.

You have nightmares every night after she passed away in your bathroom, you have never actually take a shower after her death.

That, is you.

The bald guy lying on the floor in this small room with no decoration.

You woke up in this room, without knowing that you’re in your dream.

"Where am I? "

Suddenly, the door opens, you see a pair of wierd looking feet.

It’s your horrible looking wife that passed away.


You look directly at this horrible looking woman.

"So short."

What should Jake do now?

Kill yourself.

I know this is horrible, but it’s my first comic.
Give me a chance, please.


Throw the toilet paper at the… thing, and run away while it’s distracted.

Retrieve arms.

eat the horrible looking woman.

drink your own urine, in an attempt to fight off dehydration from being asleep for several hours

Clean your face. You look absolutely filthy. No way to look when meeting with your ex-wife.

Your wife needs love to dispell her evil. Bone her. [sp]No pun intended[/sp]

Intense violent rape.


As your wife came closer and closer, you are getting frightened.

You picked up the toilet papers beside you, without noticing that there’s an axe right beside you.

You acted as calm as you could, and stood up.

You threw the papers at your wife and quickly ran out of the room.


You keep running and don’t want to look at what there should be at your back.

Suddenly, you found an elevator, you pressed the button, and waited for the elevator’s arriving.

When you noticed your ugly wife had crawled her way here already, the elevator had arrived.

You quickly ran in the elevator, but your wife was trying to jump in the elevator, too.


Your horrible looking wife jumped.

But the elevator’s door closed faster than her.

You thought it was all over.

What should Jake do now?

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Yes, Underhell used FakeFactory’s model for main characters, that’s what you’re asking.

Jake should lick her fingers.

He should kick her in the hand

Watch as the elevator descends, cutting her arm off because she cant hold down a several ton mechanism.

thumb war

Take a shit in Gman.

This is a bad ripoff of Silent Hill 2 isn’t it?

As the elevator is going downstairs, the hand of your wife goes to the top of the elevator.

Her hand made the elevator got stuck and couldn’t keep moving downstairs.

Suddenly, the man with suitcase beside you gave you an axe.

So, you picked up the axe, and walk in front of the filthy hand that’s still stuck in the doors.

When you were just about to cut your wife’s hand,

you noticed that it disappeared.

And other people on this elevator suddenly were all killed.

What should Jake do now?

Panic? You are stuck in an elevator with two dead guys and the murder weapon. The police will not like this.