You are leaving the American sector

I dunno, I’m still a photoshop noob :stuck_out_tongue:
But does the motion blur on the plane look… off?

Suggestions are appreciated so I can improve.

Looks like L4D text.

The motion blur on the plane is a bit heavy.

Maybe instead of a general blur on the plane, use the smudge tool to give it a slight trail.

Funny, I just returned from the Reagan library and they had a sign like this there. Although it was only in German and English.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I’ll play around with the smudge tool a bit.

Just for fun, here’s the original:

and here’s the actual size of the plane:


just fucking no.


Plane is flying at a strange angle. The US weren’t using B17s in 1961 anyway.

Actually, I suppose in the edited picture it could pass for an Avro York.

Sorry I’m being sad now.

Who the heck are YOU?? An impostor??

I guess it’s flying at a strange angle, but I wanted to make it look like it was turning. I don’t know my planes that well also; the only ones I do know are ones from Battlefield 2.

Lmao that’s crazeh.

I’d say your the imposter being three years later than me!

pretty nice

WHILE YOU MAY HAVE A POINT I’ve known about facepunch since '05, but didn’t register, whatever :stuck_out_tongue: So let’s just get back on topic before we both get banned.