"You betrayed us. Now you pay the price."



C&C etc.

Reminds me of Du Hast.



Rated A.

I like the shadows. It’s almost as if you knew exactly what you were doing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks y’all

taggart i want to fucking punch you. the two guys on the left have the awkwardest poses and the background is fucking terrible, but every other pose, the shading, etc. is spot on.

it’s also really lucky for those guys that third man from left has good trigger discipline, because he is lasing the fuck out of the guy next to him :v:

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Also jpeg quality god dammit

Why are you bumping these threads?

whoa calm down sonny

I know of the poses, but what do you mean by the background being terrible apart from it being the EMPTIEST son-of-a-bitch in space?

Hey, gun safety comes first bro

shhhhh quality 90 never hurt anyone

maybe if the FUCKING CFG saying quality 140 worked this would not be a problem

Nice suit and mask dudes.

Looks like the guy with the M4 is about to shoot him in the head…

why do you care that i bumped a thread that was less than a week old to give criticism? get the fuck off my back.

as it happens, the singleton military area has jack shit in terms of decent internet and i was too busy to check forums even if there was any. calm the fuck down.