You Can Call Me, V.

Haven’t posted a screenshot in a while so I felt inspired to do a scene with V from ‘V for Vendetta’.

C&C is always apprecieated.

V’s too cool to use guns.

posings wierd man

Like how?

That’s the area I want to improve.

the soldier looks a bit awkward by how hes crouched, also why would V look at the camera when his target is next to him
also the placement is a bit weird and a bit of tweaking and playing around could prob fix that
the lack of faceposing on the soldier also ruins the pic but idk if thats your fault (depends if faceposable- your fault, if not then its not your fault)
thats all i have on posing tips really…

I sort of made V look at the camera for a dramatic feel but obviously that didn’t work.

And also, the soldier wasn’t face-posable.

Huh, that’s what I sometimes tell people…

Nice I like it,

I like that pistol.

V’s Guy Fawks mask is really creepy i feel like it’s looking into my bleak soul.

V never uses a gun, read the book.