You can me Script one Time?! Help

Hello there,
I have a Garrysmod DarkRP Server. This works beautifully
However, I have a problem I would like to share with you.

I would like to start the user so players with residents, If that

However, Caution:
I want that the player begins as a resident.
Only when he played on the server for 30 minutes with him to the police or thief are available

I want that he sees no other job more
It should he has reached the time …
How do I do this?
And can a vorbasteln a script to me

I want it today like reacting

Just add a player time check in the CustomCheck.

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Assuming you have a time management system like Clocky or UTime.

i am have utime
and i have this custom check
the Player can see all Jobs this is not allowed
When Player have one Hours can Job Chance to Police

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t show up if they don’t pass the custom check, unless you have if CLIENT then return true end specified.

I think there’s actually a DarkRP setting which enables/disables the viewing of restricted jobs

You named the problem yourself I guess.

sry ?!
I have this Write from Translator my English is not so god i come from Germany