"You can only lose an arm once. Anything after that is just breakage."


it’s a huge PNG

how do you plead

composition wise, both sides look rather empty, there’s nothing to look at there

whats the idea behind the strong blues and reds?

I would like to rate and give an opinion but the PNG wont even load for me.

my bad, haven’t posted for a while and i forgot to convert it, it’s jpeged now. by the way thats a very unfortunate profile pic right now.

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my focus was on posing the dude and making his damage as gnarly as possible. the hues are just a stylistic decision that i think works but objectively probably sucks ass. it’s okay though, i’m only gonna use it in ever pose i ever make.

i didn’t even see any damage before you mentioned it because the lighting and coloring make the damaged area look like a big mess

Yeah like Joazz is saying, the lighting is too intense and washes away detail by unifying all the colours blurring elements together. This style of lighting can work, even at this intensity, if you make sure they’re casting clear shadows. Have it more directional instead of frontal, that way the light catches all the details instead of swallowing them

duly noted