You can sneek up on wolves!

Ive done it several times with the white ones. The others seem to chase you? Not sure if its do to lag or that’s just how it is?

Crouch walking allows you to creep up to a few NPC’s… This is one way to clobber deer before they start running.

Yeah, in fact, it is the best way to kill deer when first starting out, you crouch walk, hit them once, twice even if you are REALLY lucky, wait for them to slow down, walk towards them, then crouch, rinse and repeat.

Hm…I can’t reproduce it. I aggro them even when I’m at quite a ways away.

i wish shooting an arrow at a deer would cause them to bleed out or something, like run a little bit and die. Rather than taking 2 shots.

Its nice for zombies so you don’t have to waste as much shotgun ammo.

If you’re talking about the non black zombies they can be 1 shot with a pickaxe and if your timing’s right you don’t have to take any damage.

Meh, that’s what my bow is for. Yeah, I lose more inventory slots but I don’t waste ammo that’s better suited for, “Oh shit,” situations and bandit.s

This is usually how we hunt wolves when we have nothing.

-snip, he fixed the embed.-

Apologies my YouTube link was broken. it should be fixed.

Not much better I’m afraid :v: that music is absolutely horrid, but I will agree that is a good hunting method.

i wish we could tame wolves as guard dogs.

Yeah simple kiting, we’re doing that all time errday. M83 is a pretty cool band too!