You can use SuperDOF to supersample AA an image.

SuperDOF works not by taking the existing image and blurring it, but by rotating around the focal point and re-sampling everything and then overlaying it all together! If you set SuperDOF to blur the whole screen equally (or in this case, as close as you possibly can (focal depth=0)) and set blur amount to something subpixel, it will supersample the image and give you the smoothest possible image!

No SuperDOF (and no AA)


It isn’t perfect, but it could help those of you who can’t run gmod with AA and want to take decent-quality screenshots.

That’s just resulting in a blurry image, you could get a similar effect by Gaussian blurring it; if people are really stripped of AA abilities they could just use a post-process AA injector (non-vac bannable)

The “best” AA injector =

It’s not blurry. This isn’t MAA.

This is BLURRING the image using focal samples, AA is NOT “blurring” in this sense. The best option for AA with people for cards that can’t do MSAA, is Post-process AA (in this case SMAA)

The best method of AA is SSAA and this isn’t SSAA.
If you want to try SSAA (Super Sample anti-aliasing) then use the poster feature in Gm13, then open photoshop and scale it down using bilinear-smoothing.

You’re wrong. If it was just blurring it, the fence wouldn’t look correct.
SuperDOF doesn’t blur the image. It rotates it around the point while resampling it. It isn’t exactly supersampling, but it’s in the same family.

This is the result of just blurring the image.

Blurring can’t get rid of moire like this:

Same scene with this technique:

I said blurring using focal samples, which is NOT exactly the equivalent of a single Gaussian pass, but this does not change the fact that this can murder your texture detail (since most people will really find a way to mess this method up) - In simple, just use normal MSAA / SMAA methods and make sure the maps have proper mipmaps (Which it seems Gm_bigcity does not)

If it was sliding instead of rotating around a point, there could be one ideal value and it wouldn’t need to be blurry in some places.