You cannot kill death.

Thread music.

The song just reminds me of undead Nazis. To be honest this is not really my best work, I couldn’t really get the feel right, the low textures on that skeleton is annoying as well (they also lack feet and hands).

Kinda boring. Just standing there.

Idea is great, application sucks.

Oh crap I uploaded the wrong one, one second while I upload it again. Do you have any suggestions on how I would improve on it?

Now it is lulzy, the guys in the background aren’t very well posed. How is he holding the Kar98 like it has a pistol grip?

Ohohoh oh yes, well I guess I should not do poses at 4am in the morning, I can’t believe did that.

Would be cool for a game main menu background or something. Great angle, and I like all the stuff protruding from behind the cropping.

The posing is good, but somehow I find the SMG guy’s rear hand’s arm somehow awkward… probably just me, but if there’s something wrong, it’s too high.

Hmm, would it be better like this : “You cannot kill the dead”? But yeah, the pistol grip is only thing that is fuck’d up.

It does look good except for the “pistol grip” on the Kar98. I only have one other question: why do they still have skin on their hands?

I find this totally awesome, I don’t care if there is bad posing, It’s good enough, and I love the idea enough to just say it’s great!

Reminds me of an arcade game I played once… You played as some sort of US army dude in a co-op style rail shooter. Typical affair really, except for some reason you were fighting some sort of skeleton military with all kinds of shit.

You can’t kill death, but if he comes anywhere near me I’ll rip his nipple off.

Not too bad, but there’s not enough going on. Maybe needs some skeleton dudes finishing off some defeated soldiers in the background, you know, to show their unkillableness.

Funny you should say that, the orginal pose I made actually had soldiers, but the lack of faceposing on the models and still not feeling the theme right made me delete them.

meh, skeletons hardly have faces to pose, but it could be useful to be able to move the jaw, which you probably meant anyways. Might not be possible though, not sure if the faceposing can do anything else than “smudge” the features and stretch, like rotate, which moving a skeletal jaw would require.

The pic is way too dark. And before you say, my monitor’s brightness has been on full ever since I got it.

It’s okay.