"You can't escape Silent Hill"

Watched the film the other day, made this C&C please…

(Fixed) With more editing

Before Pic:

That’s nice. But you shoud put more contrast to Silent Hill pics.
Like dis:

what the in the am watching i… what is this i dont even

I barely noticed ol’ Pyramid Head over there.

These aren’t bad at all.

Not bad. But Alessa’s posing looks weird.

I wish the Silent Hill map didn’t require CSS to use. :[

Bad angles, fisheye, too dark, posing’s pretty bad, edit is pretty horrid because Silent Hill doesn’t look like that. I will give you Dean points because I like Silent Hill.

Seeing as I didn’t use fish eye on this, don’t know where ya got that from. Also the style is based on the movie when Silent Hill enters its “dark” phase and everything is rusty and worn, I think the dark works well as it doesn’t show to much, kinda like Alien in that respect the less you see of the monster or monsters it’s more scary like that, asfor the posing well my bad as I’ve only had GMod for a few months. Oh, I kinda like the angle, but thanks for your “comment” anyhoo.

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Pyramid Head is sneaky sneaky

Fisheye as in learn how to zoom the camera. Hold down the right mouse button, move it in/out, then move backwards a bit.

Yes I know how to use the fisheye zoom and tilt of the camera. But I didn’t want to use it, each to his own right?

Well, i’m being thinking…
Henry is right. Silent Hill is not currently looks like that.
But in Third Part there a some of moments of that “colorization”

My bad…

Eh good point.

I wasn’t trying to emulate Silent Hill:Shattered Memories I was looking at SH3 and the movie for this shot

I am more of a SH2 fan. Personally, I don’t like the ice hell they did in SM.

I like SM just for epic UFO ending


I just did. BTW… what level is that?

Meaning the one that was used by JP, not the one I’m using.

Hi! Welcome to Facepunch! NOW GET THE FUCK OUT.

Both pictures make my eyes suffer =(

You know, it’s possible to make a SH-theme screenshot without any “cut my eyes”-filters…

That quote is the best time for a - make me… But then again… Such a friendly welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Rating yourself is pretty pathetic.