You Don't Belong Here (Version 2!) AKA I'm too lazy to pose.

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Things to note:
>It’s an older screenshot so the resolution is stuck at 1680x1050 instead of my usual 1920x1080.
>I can’t get rid of the black bars because of my stupidity.

You Don’t Belong Here Version 2

Comparison New edit to old edit

Comparison New edit to original


P.S. I realize I’m rusty.

It reminds me of the game unreal

I can see that. :buddy:

Well done exhale, looks beautiful.


I really like the mood here. And those vines are a sexy addition.

Glad to see I haven’t gotten TOO rusty.

I THINK the rim-lighting is not correct in this situation. the picture looks nice nonetheless. I especially like the ivys

This is amazing, I love it.

damn. your good