"You Don't Know The Power of The Dark Side"

http://pre09.deviantart.net/8e34/th/pre/f/2015/229/b/7/you_don_t_know_the_power_of_the_darkside_by_jallop y-d960yp4.jpg

from 1 to 10 how would you rate it? and also, any C&C are welcome :3

I like it, although it could use some rimlight on Vader.


im a newb at editing, but hey thanks for the advice! ill do that next time

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lol thanks :3

You don’t have to be good at editing to add rimlighting just place a extra lamp ingame and tune the settings.

It could use much better lighting, and you can see some obviously duplicated troopers. From a technical standpoint it needs work, but it isn’t bad overall.

Vader looks more dejected than regal and badass imho. Probably due to his shoulder posing

Vader looks incredibly flat. Like a paper figure. The rest is great though. Some bright white light falling from the top on his head and shoulders would make him appear more 3d.

He only looks flat and the such because he’s from his soul calibur cameo, which most males look abnormal in some form.