You don't look Russian. (MW2 Russians encounter a MGS 2 Russian)

Tried to make something funny, Sottalytober style [sp]No offense, and any comments disregarding him will be frowned upon[/sp]

Oh and the Russian in the middle is scratching his head due to confusion. [sp]and the other one is holding up a PS2 if its hard to tell[/sp]

How do you scratch your head when wearing a helmet? Also; exactly why does the guy have a PS2.



You too. comrade :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s holding a PS2 because the dude comes from Metal Gear Solid 2, which is a playstation 2 game

And as for the dude scratching his head while wearing a helmet… well, pies don’t go SMOOOOSSHH when you hit someone with it.

yeah actually they do

Lies, Lies and slander.

Pies go SPLAT!