you dont own garrys mod 10!

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plz plz answer this question when ever i try to launch garrys mod it says YOU DONT HAVE GARRYS MOD 10!!!. someone reply back

No, I really don’t think it says

Did you buy the game, or pirate it?

Buy Gmod.

i did buy it

Where did you buy it from?

my friend had this error (is fixed now) and he believes it was him trying to setup a hamatchi server, have you done anything with hamatchi?

i bought it on steam and did everything normal, and didnt do anything with hamatchi

Link to Steam ID page, a working one.

what do you mean

and i played before


did you literaly count all the exclamations

no its called copy & paste

Link to your steam profile.

its ok i got it again