"You don't own Garry's Mod."

I try to start gmod and a few seconds after it starts to load, it closes out and i get a pop up that says “you dont own garrys mod 10!”. Im using a legit (no cracked steam) garrys mod with hl2 also installed. Any known fixes.


Proof that you own gmod or gtfo

Forgot to say that I also have hl2dm

Jesus Chirst learn2printscreen, that image is too small to figure out anything. Just press the PrntScreen button on your keyboard, then CTRL+V it on Paint and save it as png, then upload.

ok, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling again (2nd try) and it finally worked. soo yeah…

This is a problem I’ve gotten sometimes on different Steam games. Restarting Steam usually solves the problem.