You enter a bar and find a friend.

Did this yesterday, and had doubts about putting it up. The molding point between screenshots is terrible, and I’m pretty sure the posing is quite bad on the woman. It was also supposed to be even wider - Grigori has a shotgun and other accessories on his desk, that I spent much of my time thinking of and making. The small annoying gray things are dust motes, which I couldn’t find a way to get rid off.

None the less, I like some things about it.

C&C Please.

Posing is rather bad, and it’s too dark

I’m loving the lighting.

The lights casting shadows is really great, but the bald citizen on the chair looks a bit too bright compared to the rest and the waving rebel looks too dark when the law abiding woman seems to be normally lighted.

yours isn’t that great either, it was a good edit but i still agree with firemasheen

for example

Thanks, guys.

A bad winemaker can criticize what he thinks may be deadly to put in wine

Right flank guy, he’s my friend!

…and he have a quest for you?

Yes, that’s correct.

Shadows are nice, but you need to improve in posing a little.

And remove the exclamation sign. Would be really better without it.

Original and interesting.