you fired!!!

that going to hurt tomorrow!! hehe

Is that some cheap rip-off to doctor hax or something?

What did he fire? A gun? I don’t see any firearms.

haha no his chief is little brutal i think hehe


no i mean fired


What’s up with the contrast and noise?

what the shit

I FIRED? :saddowns:

you fired

you cant fired me!

Victi- Ex-Worker: B-but you can’t, i need the mo-
Boss: oh looky, a button! PRESS IT.


Chill out guys, English isn’t his main language.
lol picture raptor

Omfg Filter Rape.

But I lold :fuckyou:

lol why does this smiley says fuck you?
Its awesome!

I’m from the same country as him, that’s no excuse.


Also, this sucks balls.

You failed.

We failed.

Yes you have being kicked out of your job.

I’m sorry, but I totally couldn’t read the OP without thinking of this fellow…

Hahaha, Raptor, do you think rating me bad spelling will make me sad in any way? I know it was you. But here’s how it is; I, in fact, can spell. And you, in fact, can not.