You get a DC when crouching and gathering materials! (warning)

For everyone getting the “I killed myself when smashing a stone”-thing…

For some reason, whenever the stoneresource starts to collapse when crouching, it kills you.
Until the fix is out, I advise people to stand up when gathering resources with your pickaxe or hatchet.

just, DONT CROUCH :slight_smile:

Also, I’m not sure if that’s a new feature, but for some reason I keep disconnecting whenever I’m AFK for a few minutes. What’s up with that?

Think your special. Nothing happens here

Must be server lag or your glitching as we dont get this problem.

yes, this happened to me, if u crouch and hit you will suicide

did never happend to me

I’ve been doing my usual crouch on top of rock to show my dominance sort of thing while mining it and nothing has changed, i’m not dead.