"You got something to say to me, puny space man?"

1920x1080 — as part of Earthbound Fortress 2

Based on this drawing by GastricTank:

I like the sharpness.

Lol, thats always what I’ve wanted to do in Earthbound.

Perfect timing btw, I fired up my Snes this morning and started a new file.

I laughed.

I take it it’s based off this to you in the TF2 Media thread? :v:

Hot as hell, the picture is so sharp I could cut myself on it, good to see someone not blurring everything mindlessly.

Holy hell, that looks awesome. How’d you get it looking so good?


No, he’s right. It is based off Gastric’s drawing.

I use Magic Bullet Looks! It’s a great program.

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It is! I should add that to the OP.

The sharpening gives it a really nice look.

It looks like a render for an upcoming game.

Looks like it.

I really like the sharpness!

sharpening against a blurry backdrop works really well with tf2’s already bold artistic style