You gotta shoot 'em in the head!

I know that it’s extremly generic but I don’t see why that necessarily has to be a bad thing! Also, for this one I have a little treat for you guys…
Since the general picture quality in the Screenshots forum is so low I decided to include the PSD! Hope it helps!



Not bad.
But wow thats alot of blood :smug:

You’ve obviously never seen a Quentin Tarantino movie! :stuck_out_tongue:

Upload it to a proper file hosting site like mediafire, and damn, that IS a lot of blood :geno:

Upload it to Zshare or Media Fire.

Love the blood from the headshot. Very well done.

That was a waste of ammo, use your side arm.

Blood is good and smexeh, the smoke could be better though. It’s never quite that whispy coming out of the ejection port and the smoke out of the muzzle has that big ugly sharp edge.

Otherwise, 'tis coo :3:

You know, I always thought they had more wispy smoke! Mainly because that’s the way it looks in movies and on peoples screenshots… Wispy smoke does look pretty though!

Nice FO3 reference, and I’d hate to be on the receiving end of that bullet…

Wow, wish I was that good at posing. Nice man!

Awesome editing.

Hey, you can’t kill them all. You can persuade them so you can get the key in order to get some kick ass Power Armor.

Psst, entry wounds dont usually have blood


but… I killed them all :frowning:

This isn’t extremely generic dude.
Generic stuff is soldiers just standing around

Or shooting off-screen.

No, extremely generic is them shooting offscreen with an abismol angle.

This picture is a soldier shooting another soldier with some nice editing, and its actually interesting to look at due to the eyecatching editing job

Fix’d :3:

Thanks guys! Don’t forget to check out the .psd!

I killed all of them and took their keys, gave em to that ghoul dude, killed him outside of Underworld, took the keys and then took the power armor. It’s how I roll! I steal everything, kill whoever I please and I still have perfect karma! Swear to god, that system is fucked up…

Beautiful editing!