You guys are looking into the Rust hack problem right? What's wrong?


Not trying to start a war here or rage but I’m a little upset. I paid $19.99 for the game and every server I join has hackers all over the place. I can’t even stay alive longer than an hour. I had a few guys kill me an the domain name of their hacks came up in chat. Any reason why VAC isn’t banning these guys? Then I checked their site (as spammed on the server) and they joke about bypassing VAC, not ever being detected, having a full aimbot, no fall damage, mass kill, suicide hack and auto gather. Anyway you guys can PLEASE fix it. I don’t want to post a link to the website but see the issue in the video below.

This is my FIRST post here and again I don’t want any trouble, I’m simply a new user who paid for your game and want a few answers.

Thank you.

Here’s the answer.

Stay posted on the site for more updates.

Most of these “hacks” are myths, like auto gather. Also, way to advertise a cheat! GG!

EDIT: Never mind, it markets auto gather as something completely different to what i expected. Also, i saw the video and i cant believe they miss shots with an aimbot HAHA

can someone delete this post already, this retard is pretty much advertising for them.

The way i see it, more idiots tempted to download the hacks. So they download them and use them. Then they all get VAC banned from the game and we have less idiots playing rust. This=win!

Well they say they have never had any VAC bans and if you check the website most of those users seem to say everything works perfectly.

Thats mostly them making fake accounts to promote their own hacks. If any of them are legitimately saying it works fine its because they haven’t got banned by VAC yet, then came here and whined about how their brother downloaded hacks and used them and how facepunch cheated them out of $20.

You really shouldn’t advertise it out in the open like this though. That’s what most people are referencing here. I understand your frustration, but you have just given people with alt accounts and what not the benefit of now knowing there’s a cheat that’s undetectable by VAC currently. This in turns allows them to register, buy, download, whatever… and obtain it and use it to get revenge / piss others off.

I totally get what you’re attempting to do, but I think you went about this the wrong way.

Emailing garry / VALVE themselves and linking them this kind of footage would be a better way to go in terms of rendering some kind of ability to help hash in and figure out anti-cheat counter-measures to get this fixed instead of giving people the knowledge this hack is even out there.

Any public hacks that found a way to bypass VAC would be looked into by Valve or Facepunch and then they would get banned in the next wave. As time goes on more allot of things will happen. Less hackers(almost none in a few months). Less server, less idiots, higher quality servers , and allot more game features. Just give it time it will get allot better.

I sent an Email to Gary, emailed Valve and got in contact with some press, they said to post here as the PEOPLE and players could spread the news the fastest.

A lot of this stuff shouldn’t even need bans to solve, they shouldn’t even be possible to begin with. The suicide hack, for example, is a blatant failure of programming and should’ve been fixed the instant it was discovered.

EDIT: I’m stupid, just saw it listed in a patch halfway down the page.

These things aren’t always easy to track down, especially in a program with as big a code base as Rust has.

Its almost like they are trying to sell something.