You guys ready for a new wipe?

well the server just came back on a few minutes ago and was only up for about 2 min. before pat came on and said that there going to do a wipe. So for anybody who was waiting for it to come back up know that its a whole new start again. Yeah I cant wait either

that would be good and bad i hate having to find m4 and kevlar blueprints but oh well thats what u get for playing a game in alpha

As someone who was in there reading what Pat said, this is not what he said at all.

He literally said “Don’t worry guys, this is just a test.”

followed by someone asking if a Wipe would help the server stability, to which he replied with “No not really”

Calm down dude.

Not saying the wipe isn’t happening, just saying you shouldn’t twist peoples words.

Yeah Pat was on and said the server will be back up from last save. No mention of a wipe.

I Don’t think the PvE server was wiped to begin with. There’s already so many large structures everywhere.

Right before PvE went down, I felt like I was in a disaster movie, the tower I was in was literally popping and crumbling under and around me as I frantically gathered from my boxes. Fun stuff!

I didn’t see Pat say this anywhere, and I was online while he was. He stated there was some network connectivity issues on the server side and that they were doing some testing I suppose, nowhere did he mention a wipe, the last wipe was not even a week ago would seem pretty fast, too.

The server went down and up twice. The first time he didn’t mention it, the second time when there were ZERO structures on the map, and everyone was freaking out about a wipe, he started to answer them.

Yes thats what im talking about the second time he mentioned a wipe

Wipe isn’t all that bad.

I get wiped every time I play :slight_smile: lol

if a wipe means new content I am all for it