"You guys wanna get some KFC?"


I did my absolute best with this scene. I really would like to know how I did with A LOT of effort put in this.
I think I did my best with this scene, I went for the best angle, posing and logic.

well the lighting’s cool. i don’t want to sound mean, but now that you’ve perfected the “dudes standing around” type of thing, maybe you can move on and do something more exciting

I may have some idea’s in mind…

I think it’s really cool

While I do like this, I think you’re kind of making a lot of threads.

Would I be allowed to make my own personal thread and keep updating it with the new stuff I make?

It’s pretty good on all the detailed fronts. But as people said, the scene is kind of still. Angle, lightning everything to do with details is good though.

Plenty of people do compilation threads, and keep updating them. I dont’ see why not.

Is a good way to track your progress, as well.

It’s got great composition. I’d be excited to see you apply it to new concepts.

Russian gasmasks, guns that aren’t used by SWAT, missing attachments on guns.

Wether these gas masks are actually russian or not seems to be a debate. I mean, it looks exactly like an MSA MCU-2/P, which I’m sure is US issue(d).

It isn’t a big deal either way, just looks like a Russian one to me.

it’s very bland. just four guys standing in similar stances, looking at eachother. the posing and lighting are ok, but the scene itself is very boring.

maybe you should add a bit of backstory?

people need to make more threads IMO. few people seem to post their stuff outside Want To Post Your Pic and that’s kinda drained the life out of this section

I guess, except they’re making a lot of threads. I can understand a couple but they could at least pack a couple into one. It saves pushing things to the next page to quickly.

Did I miss something or when did this section hate single threads for pictures? Wasn’t that like the whole purpose of this section? Maybe not for this specific picture but you know what I mean.

these days the standard is p much “if it isn’t Urbanator/Lonefirewarrior/USTriggerhappy level of quality then don’t bother”

To put it simple, the unofficial rule is “Threads are only for AAA+ pictures and up”

I don’t expect an extremely high level of quality but seriously, people will make a thread for *anything * now, regardless of it’s quality. And some of the time won’t be receptive of criticism then continue to post.

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I’ve considered making a V5 of “Want to post a picture but don’t want to make a thread” to be honest.

So? I’d rather make a thread where you post a picture, and have to offer valid criticism to the previous picture before posting. I’d much rather just have single threads, but if everyone wants to hide those trying to learn, then sure, go right ahead. When I started, I almost never posted in that thread, I made my own, and got good feedback, and I got better. So what if their pictures aren’t AAA or Super good! Let em make a thread. The name of this section is Screenshots, movies, saves and dupes, yet everyone is being harsh against those who aren’t masters. There’s no restrictions against who can post and where, and tbh I hate the want to post a picture thread. The only benefit it is for me is to see if I can save some terrible shots, and editing practice.