You have no right to call me fat :О

very nice

:10bux: says op gets banned.

he shouldn’t though

wasn’t using it in a racist way

You overweight Afro American person.

yeh, and lightweight White insolent person

Verbose much? (c-c-c-c-combo breaker)


Well he certainly does not look like a white guy named Ward.

Nicks face is win

funny caption

Nice posing, except for Coach.

i dont think that the word is bannable, just the idiocy associated with using it in the default manner.

Cartoonish facial expressions.

It’s nice but…

Why does nick have a “dat ass” type face?

Was expecting a shit troll pose.
Ended up happy cause its awesome.

Looks good other than the wierd face pose on Nick.

I like it!
And Nick’s face is alright.
I know people that bite their lip when they are straining.

Ninja edited!