"You have startled the witch" Some survivors about to be fucked up by the witch



For some reasons I hate the lighting on her hands and the green eye, but the rest is awesome-possum

is it zoey again?

haha jk, love the lighting

I think the light is ok, but green eyes? Pose and cam angle is good.

The light on her right hand (left from our point of view) made me a bit confused, but it’s okay. Also I’m not really fan of the green eye. Everything else looks great.

Arent the witches eyes green?
Also thanks for the comments :buddy:


This is the original color. But who cares really.

Pretty good, although were is the light source thats hitting the Witch coming from?


Well, i don’t know what to say. Lighting is great as usual. I like the green eye,

Thanks :buddy:

Don’t know about the rest of you, but doesn’ it look like her diapers needs to be changed?


Rimlighting is baaaaaad. Eye is bad. And the hair is badly lit.

Anyone agrees with this?

Nope. I do not. But it is all about personal taste anyway. One can’t please everyone.

Rimlighting is horrid when over done. It doesn’t matter wether anyone agrees. Take the criticism like a man.

I smell a troll.

So me explaining that too much rimlighting makes a picture look bad is trolling?

Well I don’t know, the picture would be bland without it.