You have stumbled upon the survivors' hideout.

The posing seems kind of wonky in some places - the way Rochelle holds the machine gun looks unnatural, and something looks really off about Francis. Zoey also doesn’t seem to be gripping onto that rifle properly.

Also, that is some really bizarre rimlighting on Francis and the guns. Don’t worry, you’re not to blame, it’s just that the models themselves are like that.

Coach’s pose is pretty cool, though.

You’ve almost nailed posing down, just keep practicing and you’ll do great.

Where’s Louis?

There were some pills in the restroom that attracted his attention.

I just got lazy with them in the back, didn’t think anyone would notice

Lets just hope Bill doesn’t go all WE ONLY LOOK AFTER OUR OWN like in the sacrifice comic and kill everything that isn’t zoey.