"You Japs aren't really that hard to take on."


p. damn nice

She’s quite a runt :stuck_out_tongue:

japanese ultra heavy armor

I watched enough hentai to know where this is going.

They both look male to me, Where are the models from?

Smaller model and map is from Neotokyo, big guy is from Blacklight: Tango Down (Taggart’s own made ones, soon to be released) and the gun is from Battlefield 2142.

Realistic height scale!

SMG is Battlefield 2142 :v:

i want tihs map : p

The lack of headroom is really bugging me, and the smoke is too sharp and opaque. Other then that though it’s p. nice.

Some of the smaller dudes ARE male, ironically, but they’re only on the GSDF’s side.

Both Jinrai and GSDF have male and female lights, same goes for mediums I think.
Heavies are genderless though.

Jinrai ARE the GSDF, it’s the NSF you are thinking about

but yeah both sides have mixed gender lights but I am p. sure mediums and heavies are all male

All that’s missing from this pic is a :smug:.