You kill building.

Dat crosshair though - oxide mod?

Also, I have no idea what that video is supposed to be showing. Enlighten me?

Instead of making a thread that will get buried under dozens of other threads, send the devs a bug report. They’re more likely to see your concerns when its sent to them directly.

Agreed, a bug report is more useful than a post with no description and a link to youtube.

hes russian, maybe he couldn’t do better, but else… nogo

Not sure if a bugreport is needed, during the end of the video, you can see that a floor has a stability of 7%, he didnt build the structure properly. Redo the building and consider how to place pillars, build so that it makes sense for support of floors and walls etc.

is the third floor, in the construction of pillars to lose stability and fall by themselves. On the live server I had a building at 12 floors of the patch after it fell.

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Does this also happen on a unmodded server?

It’s a moded server and he has no idea how to build a waste of a thread

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First build floors, then pillars.