"You killed my Family you bastard"

Inglorious Rebels :v:


knife-forehead is one of the by far worst ways to kill someone

He’s Already dead, he’s just scalping him.

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well, half-dead.

Like i said in steam, rebel could lose his pinkie if the guy was alive. Even dead i wouldn’t put my finger in someones mouth.

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die

I feel like he should have a sick and satisfied smile. But, thats probably the music talking.

I was thinkin’ that…

I was honestly expecting something southpark related

but this is pretty good too


I can’t say I wasn’t waiting for it

But far more painful than simply shooting them or slitting their throats.

If i’d find out that someone killed my entire family, and i’d even know who was that, i’d be sure to make his/her death as painful, long, and horrible as i could. Losing your loved ones is… very bad…

And if a man has nothing to lose, he is more dangerous than anything.


om nom nom fingers!


all I can think of is -CHOMP-

good all the same

Very nice man.

Freaking Awesome

The only reason the dude isn’t fighting back is 'cause he’s mesmerized by the taste of his finger.

He’s multi tasking, scalping him while looking for the gold fillings.