You killed yourself. Silly sod.

This hack is getting out of hand…Dear Rust developers please fix this hack asap, this is worse than loot through walls and aimbot etc…when i came to an airdrop there was literally 10 people and they all died instantly 1 by 1 , everyone got the same message " You killed yourself, silly sod." I made a house next to someone and i kept somehow killing myself inside my house cooking food, finally after 5 kills my neighbor told me on mic to go away from here or i will keep getting killed.

Please fix asap, rust is unplayable right now,you can’t walk out from house with any goodies on, some stranger can just make you killyourself and take everything…at least you have a chance against aimbot.

I don’t think this guy should be banned for 3 days for this post.

(User was banned for this post ("can you stop making this reply in random threads already, thanks" - postal))

Rust is very much playable right now. The server owners just need to stay updated on what is going on.

Your server admin can fix this problem by disabling fall damage.

Remember all the Dll’s in rust that where being edited ? they are back due to a .exe dumper which means most people can go back to no recoil and esp in no time, i’m not going to post a link due to obvious reasons.

the official servers are rampant with it. Forget custom servers, the official ones are unplayable.

Is this what’s going on? I’ve had this random suicide issue twice now. I thought it was a bug but a hack would make sense, too. Luckily I didn’t have anything too important on my character either time.

The problem with this, though, if it’s a hack is that one doesn’t know who to report to the admin because the kill message just says you died. Bummer.

Shouldn’t you be saying ‘forget official servers’ in that case? The problem can be avoided by joining a server with active and informed admins.

Is there any info about this “suicide-hack” and If or when it will be removed ? UK4 official server is unplayable since 3 days because of this, you are “suicided” every 15-20min. I didnt find any info about this with the forum search tool, if someone can help here, thank you.

On the official servers, about all you can do to “protect” yourself is to crouch-walk everywhere… apparently the suicidehack causes fall damage and crouching prevents you from falling. However, crouching also means you can’t run.

Predicting when a suicidehack will happen is pretty much impossible, but if there’s an airdrop going on, then most likely a suicidehack will happen especially if you are near the location of the drop.

Suicide hack is preventable by having admins turn fall damage off.