You killed yourself. You silly sod. wtf

You killed yourself. You silly sod.

I got this message three times today. But I did not kill yourself and do not cause yourself harm. After death I heard someone running to my body and took everything.

New generation of cheats?

probably the rcon exploits

I play on the official server. Please Answer me. it cheats?

It most likely is a cheater slaying the server with rcon command hacks/exploits.

It’s not rcon hack. It’s a new feature courtesy of artificial aiming. It’s really fucking annoying all they have to do is hit 1 button and your insta dead.

US Central 4
Several people are complaining about a “suicide hack”
I was “suicided” inside my house 3 times in a row (one on my neighbooring house, two on my central base, both on Civilian Coast) 20 minutes ago…

Just suicided on Resource Coast while gathering wood -_-"

I don’t know if it is related, but as fast as I saw Chinese/Korean writings on chat this stuff started to happen and I have saw some guys with asian-like names yesterday high jumping and flying (don’t wan’t to put their name here as I’m afraid of retalliation).

same thing is happening all over US Central 3 (Stress Test)

This is a bigger problem than that this was added to the easily bought kiddie hacks which almost every seller has, I think they planned this rage knowing the devs are on a trip for a week.

Good to know that! And I’m here, thinking they were taking these hacking problem seriously (sorry if I have done a false claim).

Every game has hackers. Let’s just remember we are still in early alpha stages and hackers are a good way of revealing exploits for the devs to fix. You’ll just have to deal with them for now. If you can’t handle it, like me, just don’t play for the time being.

Yes, I’m late. But I was late for three days.
Why this still not fixed?

This is the only game I have ever played, tested, and hosted where the community keeps saying hackers a good thing for development, lol. I’m long in the tooth and remember playing on my 550 MHz cpu with a dialup modem so that’s saying something.

Hackers are never a good thing for development and most importantly branding. Game is fun as hell so lets have a zero tolerance for hackers and all enjoy the development.