"You know, fightin' in a basement offers a lot of difficulties..."

“Number one being, you’re fightin’ in a basement.”


Yes more Inglourious Basterds. Unfortunately still not the theater scene as I have yet to find a proper map. (Also, don’t complain that all of this didn’t happen at once in the movie, it’s a mish-mash of the whole scene.)

Please compare to the original!

Notable Edits:


Mr. Fantasticool:

The Castro:



Pending Edits:
Chesty Mcgee (unconfirmed, he asked me to refrain from posting his edit as he is unhappy with how it came out. Might retry if he finds time.)

(Normally I would have waited for these people to finish, but frankly I’m an impatient bastard.)

Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!

That’s fucking awesome! Have my babies!

Awesome adaptation of the scene. Love all the edits.

Blood looks cool.

Blood’s a little too bright, but I like the intensity.
Yay I’m a notable edit.

All it’s missing now is the waitress, von Hammersmark and the other NS girl.

Too bad she dies :frowning:
Maybe she’s or should I say they in the floor somewhere.

Yea, I didn’t include the girls because there were no female models that would have worked (besides, you wouldn’t even be able to see von Hammersmark or the waitress as they would be out of the view)

man, the screenshot section needs more movie scenes like this.

They all do (except for von Hammersmark).

Amazing work Vman! I love it!

Oh, and Desktop’d


I couldn’t just leave the comment like this, it need appraisal! I love how you edited the hair in Hugo’s hand. The smoke, the blood, the muzzle flashes are all very well done. And the lighting and blur is all extremely well done!

Well, I was happy with what I had done - the blood - but I pretty much gave up and did no editing after that.

I love the posing and scale of this picture and the editing is mostly superb. I especially like the reflection in the bar, the hair edits and the pink, cloudy blood. The detail in the clothing of the characters is superb, removing the signs of officer rank on the right characters and the field equipment, making the waist-coat bigger… all very clever.

However, I don’t like the big long lines of blood. They look okay in the film because… it’s a film, and films move. I don’t think it looks so good in a single, stationary image. Also, it’s a shame there aren’t more props scattered around like bottles and mugs, as well as more chairs. Finally, the flash in the background is oddly white.

As a general comment, you don’t do a lot of lighting work past the shading/highlighting (colour balance, contrast, levels/curves, filters, overlays, gradients etc) . I guess it’s a feature of your edits that the effects are incredible but the lighting is more of an in-game nature. But don’t go changin’ to suit my personal tastes.

Damn, more chairs would have been a good idea.

This movie was very boring and that part was the boringest part ever.
It was 40 minutes of them doing stupid shit and playing cards it was gay

Then go and watch Transformers or some other CGI crap

Wait a sec… I thought I was in the screenshots section. Obviously I have stumbled into the movies discussions forum. I’ll leave right away.

Btw, it was the best film of the year. Go and watch Transformers or Avatar or some other shallow and unimaginative crap.

Yeah, and I’d bet you enjoyed Twillight :v:

Fucking amazing picture V-man, everything around it is great, but I especially love how you did the smoke & blood fusion, it turned out fantastic.

go back to your cave now…

Updated with Domino’s edit.

Holy shit, Domino went crazy with the rim lights.

Amazing picture. Amazing edits.
HOLY HELL! Vman changed his avatar!