"you know how to land right?" "sure land means stop flying?" "EMBRASE FOR IMPACT!"

Might have spelled “ebrase” wrong :frown:

Here it is:

Hope you get were this is from. :v:

Red vs Blue? :v:

Also it’s “Brace” not embrace

Yep red vs blue.

Also i knew something was wrong. :frown:


I wish the hands on those models didn’t look like they were steped on by a scarab,Then I’d make better poses with these.

Everyone embrace for impact! Hugging is the only way to survive!

Also, hell, yeah, the last season of Red vs. Blue was pretty epic. Monty Oum has some epic fight choreography skills.

The battle between tex,wash and meta in the snow was the best!

this is prolly from some youtube show or summit, but nevertheless I found it funny.

Yeah its “Red vs Blue” rooster teeth have been making this since halo 1.This is from the latest season were they added realy well done animations were griff (the orange guy) is driving the pelican but doesnt know how to land. Awesome show. :v:


http://a.blip.tv/scripts/flash/stratos.swf?file=http%3A%2F%2Fblip.tv%2Frss%2Fflash%2F4108539&showplayerpath=http%3A%2F%2Fa.blip.tv%2Fscripts%2Fflash%2Fstratos.swf&feedurl=http%3A//roosterteeth.blip.tv/rss/flash&brandname=Red%20vs.%20Blue&brandlink=http%3A//rvb.roosterteeth.com/&enablejs=true&tabType3=guide&tabTitle3=Popular&tabUrl3=http%3A//roosterteeth.blip.tv/rss/flash/%3Fsort%3Dpopular&tabType1=details&tabTitle1=About&tabType2=guide&tabTitle2=Episodes&tabUrl2=http%3A//roosterteeth.blip.tv/rss/flash&smokeduration=0&showguidebutton=false&showfullscreen=true&lightcolor=0x8db5d3&backcolor=0x1a69a7&frontcolor=0xffffff&showmorebutton=false&showstrands=true&allowm4v=true&autostart=true This is the episode from the picture.

Reminds me of the picture I did based off of RVB with Washington and Tex.

Big suggestion, if you know any skinning, skin that one masterchief model, it has much better fingers. If you can’t though I probably could send you the pack I made.

I have messed around with skining but they always look bad,yeah the pack you made would be good :smile: Also i saw that tex vs washington picture you did its realy good i liked how you did the snow on it.