"You know what to do..." [Scene-Build with Mafia guys]

quickie, inspired by “Mafia II” artwork

btw. the map is “gm_flatgrass_storm”

hope you like it! :unsmith:

“You know what to do…”
Rape him?
Anyways, this is pretty damn awesome.


that looks awesome!
thought first it was from artwork but then…lalala

Really nice scenebuild. Where’d those great textures on the walls come from?

Thanks, they’re from the STALKER texture pack.

Great scenebuild, posing, and editing. I’m interested in seeing the unedited version and possibly an alternate angle, possible?

I’m really confused. Did you paste in the characters?

Well Henry Townshend ported Vito and Joe, released them a couple of days ago. Looks to me like a scenebuild, with some fancy editing for the meat locker.

Holy fucking shit, this is brilliant.

where the fuck did you come from