You know you have been playing too much garrysmod when...

You know you have been playing too much garrysmod when you try to inflate your girlfriends boobs with the inflation tool.
… When you try to noclip out of a boring classroom.

When you make this thread, for the 100th time.

What’s the point of this thread?

Those weren’t even funny.

When you have to so much sparetime you start to post stupid threads on FP.

Seeing guys like you

When you have over 9000 hours played

When you decide to make GMod sweps in real life

when you have as much hours as sadistic slayer…

When you get the “One Year” achievement.

you can never play enough gmod. this thread is heresy.

When you type sv_cheats 1 to cheat on your girlfriend


When you use host_timescale 5 to get out of class faster?

when you miss the fast threads section

When you post in this thread for the hundredth time with the same old “when you make this thread”.

Some people are actually new and havent seen this sort of thread before. Cant we have our share of fun?

Trying to press f when you enter a dark place. True story.

When you see a massive explosion on TV and expect the TV to have a BSOD soon after.


When you try to noclip out of jail.